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We Generate New Ideas at AI Scale

This phase shifts the focus on building a quality search space.

What Is a Search Space?

A search space is generated from all the ideas under consideration. Each idea can have multiple variations resulting in the total number of possible combinations.

The ideation step is all about considering which changes to the digital experience will influence targeted KPIs. It empowers your team to experiment with practical elements of the digital experience, such as how many pages are included in a given journey and whether to make the navigation sticky. 

In order to have the best performing projects that impact your KPIs, we need to have a good short term and long term optimization strategy. This allows our teams to develop impactful ideas for each project iteration.

Ideation at AI Scale

You benefit from our own proprietary user experience (UX) research which we use to identify areas for improvement. We use it to guide the selection of ideas and resulting changes which then informs many variations. This is a key benefit of ideation at AI scale.

Our proprietary research framework includes:

  • Analysis of over 1,200 Evolv AI projects, including 20,000+ ideas and 100s of millions of combinations.
  • Surveys of 100s of strategies and ideas in the conversion rate optimization industry – backed by both behavioral science and design specific methods
  • Cutting edge cognitive research 
  • A Periodic Table of Heuristics to give our strategist a framework

Only Limited by Your Imagination

Evolv AI opens the door to experimentation using as many ideas as your team can think of. The AI will also consider combinations you might never consider. These ideas can include”

  • Workflow changes, like the navigation and how many pages there are in the checkout flow
  • Functional changes, such as the sort order of items in the shopping cart
  • Visual changes, including the wording, font, color, and size of the checkout button

An AI-driven optimization evaluates thousands of user experiences and finds the winners.

We Build Your Optimization Project With a Constant Flow of Ideas

Each page is broken down into individual elements and areas of opportunity. We apply our framework to create the search space of ideas through:

  • Evolv AI UX heuristics
  • Best practices 
  • Themes focused on specific issues and objectives

We then develop all changes and variations for each theme. This includes generating a constant source of new ideas to be explored.

Each optimization project is based on a set of variants optimized against a KPI for a given target audience. The strategy and ideation inform the optimization by defining:

  • KPI event(s)
  • Audience(s)
  • “Where we optimize”: funnel page(s)
  • “What we optimize”: variants

Eliminate Traffic and Time Constraints

Because Evolv AI is not limited by time and traffic, ideation at AI scale enables your team to consider ideas for optimization that would not have been possible with traditional testing (view our enterprise A/B landing page testing guide). It opens the door to more creative and innovative ways to optimize your customer experience. This often results in finding unusual or counterintuitive ideas that deliver the best outcomes for our clients.


Launch – AI-Driven Optimization Learns from Actual Customer Behavior.

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