Our AI-Driven Optimization Learns from Actual Customer Behavior

The optimization project starts and delivers measurable results immediately.

Your Customers Show Us the Way

When we launch an optimization project, Evolv AI’s active learning immediately starts to predict which experiences to serve to make efficient use of time and traffic. The platform uses actual customer behavior to train the machine learning model. That allows us to make incredibly efficient use of time and traffic to the point where we are serving the best combination of experiences. It also reacts to customer feedback in real-time to hone in on the best performers.

Real Traffic Gets Directed to Winners as They Emerge

The platform serves up experiences drawn from the initial changes and their variations as well combining them into new experiences. The optimization is guided by digital user responses and each unique interaction trains the AI’s active learning model.

As ideas start to emerge as top performers, machine learning starts to direct more traffic to the best performing combinations. It tracks how each element contributes to growth in real-time and delivers results.

Integration Into Your Ecosystem

A key benefit is that we have the ability to get an optimization project up and running quickly. Your team can rest assured that our implementation is painless and does not impact the performance of your site. Evolv AI’s Web Integration is called Experience Accelerator which is a one-line JavaScript tag being placed in theof the web pages you are optimizing.

The Experience Accelerator is ~<20KB in size and delivers unparalleled advantages:

  • Fast: Minimizes load times and flashing by with small snippet size and composing assets on servers then presenting to clients.
  • Stable: Works with single-page application (SPA) such as REACT and Angular
  • Secure: ITP-compliant and does not rely on cookies

Achieving and Understanding Results.

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