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Achieving and Understanding Results

Results happen quickly as the AI engine continues to learn and improve with each visitor.

Driving Your KPIs

We almost always optimize towards a primary metric associated with revenue generation.

We also track the impact to secondary metrics important to your business.

Primary Metrics

Most tie back to revenue and growth

  • Ensures you can clearly measure the impact of your optimization.
  • Makes it easy to report results to your management.
  • We have experience with 100s of use cases across multiple industries and use this to guide the process.

Secondary Metrics

As important as the primary metric

  • Ensures we track the impact of your optimizations on all metrics that matter.
  • Focuses the attention on the impact on other elements of your plan such as average order value or time on site.
  • Considers that driving a singular metric which negatively impacts others is usually highly undesirable.
  • Makes it easy to track all impacts and results.

Evolv AI integrates to your analytics platform or data warehouse to visualize results.

We customize your reporting view based on all the metrics that are important to you.

Achieving Results

By serving progressively better experiences to customers, we deliver gains measured in increased sales or revenue.

You will see measurable results within 30 days from launch. The results highlight which ideas or combination of ideas performed best, and why. This provides an informed basis for further optimization based on actual learnings. 

The optimization shows the average lift as well as how the best performing ideas optimize for growth across the entire customer journey. Most importantly the results show actual revenue growth already achieved through the optimization process, highlighting the return on investment (ROI) already realized.

We use Bayesian statistics to provide you the expected range of performance and the probability of beating control. We also show you the maturity to prove that enough data was collected.

Understanding Results

We can look at the best-performing experience and find out why it’s winning.

The results help you understand which ideas were most successful and by how much, as well as why certain optimizations delivered more growth than others. It provides an opportunity to build on the successful ideas, using them to inform new optimizations in the future. 

We can build on successes by changing the existing project in flight, or by using our learnings to inform new projects. Each variant has a statistical significance report that helps in understanding when enough data has been collected. It is used to validate results when the variant outperforms control.

Start a Journey and Expand Your Audience

A project often surfaces customer segments that could benefit from a different journey. This is critical to informing the exploration of a new path which could also result in growth.

Comprehensive Reporting

You can see how different design candidates perform against the KPI you established and how performance improves over successive generations.

We provide custom report views for your preferred analytics tools and dashboards, including:

  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics 
  • Tableau
 Next Step: Sustaining Growth

Explore New Ideas, While Continuing to Improve.

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