We Define the Optimization Strategy and Roadmap

This phase focuses on analysis including the identification of barriers to achieving your goals and prioritizes opportunities.

Understand your KPIs and Growth Goals

The strategy is informed by your company goals and specific KPIs. We engage with your team to discuss your business plan and prioritization. The roadmap is designed to find ways to reduce friction and inspire action in your digital experience in line with company goals.

The emphasis is on your customers and their experience. For instance if there is a high drop-off rate on the shopping cart, reducing the resulting revenue leakage will be a primary goal. The benefit of this strategic approach is that the optimization directly supports growth.

Identify Stakeholders

Our approach is based on a tight partnership with your team. We have become a critical strategic partner for most of our clients. Our growth team will engage with your team regularly to stay connected and drive results.

Perform Audit and Analysis

As part of the audit, we need to access as much data as is available to identify user behavior including drop off points and areas of friction. This includes:

  • Web and app analytics
  • Customer segmentation
  • 3rd party tools such as Heatmaps 
  • Voice of Customer (VoC): surveys, user testing and support issues collected

Determine the Highest Areas of Opportunity

Our growth team will use this audit data and our extensive UX research to analyze where we believe the challenges exist, as well as areas for immediate improvement.

We develop a roadmap which initially focuses on the low hanging fruit to kick off our initial AI conversion rate optimization. The roadmap includes mid-term and long-term plans which align to your business plan and KPIs.

Next Step: Ideation

Generate New Ideas at AI Scale

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