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Sustaining Growth

Sustaining Growth

Explore New Ideas, While Continuing to Improve

Only Evolv AI can change an optimization in flight without disrupting it, continuing to make money along the way.

Add, Remove and Change Ideas

Sustaining growth with constantly changing consumer behavior requires continual learning and optimization. The platform gives the agility to add, remove, and modify ideas without having to restart your optimization project or losing key learnings gained so far. 

The AI-driven active learning process is able to analyze if behavior changes are statistically significant and builds on existing learnings to optimize for these changes in line with your specific business KPIs. It puts the active learnings to work to sustain growth and completes the loop as your team starts a new strategy phase with the next wave of optimizations.

You gain unparalleled flexibility compared to traditional methods, where a new idea requires a new test (view our enterprise A/B landing page testing guide). It requires you to start all over again with a statistical white sheet of paper.

With Evolv AI you can change an optimization in flight without disrupting it, continuing to make money along the way. This is something only Evolv AI can do.

Inform the Next Round of Optimization Projects

By analyzing the successes, we can continue to build on them and further refine the customer experience. If we see that hiding the navigation bar and reducing distractions has a positive impact, we can now consider if a “sticky CTA”, that’s always present as the user scrolls, could have a positive impact as well.

The results often point out segments of visitors and customers who are not converting. We look at new AI conversion rate optimization projects and explore a fresh set of ideas which could lead these visitors and customers to convert.

We Never Stop Optimizing

We believe that keeping your optimization projects running has invaluable benefits. If something in our environment changes, the AI engine can sense that and adjust accordingly. That could simply be customer behavior reverting to the mean, because they get used to the new look. Or it could be external factors, like COVID-19 hitting your business and your site getting a ton of traffic from baby boomers for the first time.

Our team will continue to develop and improve existing optimizations, and to create new ones to explore new funnels, pursue new goals, or serve new audiences.

Next Step: Strategy

The Journey Continues – We Define the Next Optimization Strategy and Roadmap.

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