Beware of false recruitment offers

We have become aware of a growing number of internet scams that pose as fake career opportunities with our company. The people implementing these scams claim to work for our company, but they are not affiliated with Evolv AI and are making these offers without our knowledge or approval.

Be on the lookout for recruitment fraud:

  • Scammer asks for personal information, such as a photo of your license or visa, or fees to begin employment.
  • Perpetrator contacts you via instant messaging, Facebook Messenger, Skype and WhatsApp or any method that is not from an official Evolv AI email address (
  • You receive a job offer without a phone, face-to-face or video interview with an Evolv AI employee.

​​​​If you feel you have received a fraudulent offer:

  • Do not respond to the inquiry or provide personal information.
  • Forward communication or suspicious job postings to Evolv AI and your local authorities.

We sympathize with anyone who has been victimized by recruitment fraud. The internet has become a challenging space and we are doing our best to stay on top of such fraud. Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for the actions of these third-parties.

You can access a list our legitimate current opportunities by visiting