What is full-funnel optimization?

Full-funnel optimization in terms of e-commerce is very similar to whole customer journey optimization. It is a holistic approach to marketing that aims to serve up a consistent brand experience at every touchpoint, not just at the signup or lead stage. Technologies such as AI have a key role to play in full-funnel optimization as they enable digital leaders to optimize ecommerce with the big picture in mind, but can also zoom in on specific metrics and KPIs that need to be achieved. Additionally optimization for different audience segments is made possible by experimenting with thousands of different ideas and combinations. This type of AI-driven optimization is highly effective for full-funnel optimization.

Full-funnel optimization aims to improve the whole customer journey. It looks at all the touchpoints, aims to identify where friction occurs and where new ideas can be introduced that will engage visitors and convert them to customers. Full-funnel optimization is an ongoing process that needs to factor in variables that impact consumer buying decisions.