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Digital Customer Experience Solution

Evolv AI serves the best experience to each audience, every time.

This is why digital leaders rely on us to define their optimization strategy and generate a constant source of new ideas to be explored. By leveraging our proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms, they’re able to find the best customer journey and serve up progressively better customer experiences.

The Evolv AI digital customer experience solution provides ongoing optimization to continually serve up customer experiences that stay relevant and achieve sustained growth.

We follow a process that’s proven to deliver growth and drive gains quickly.

 Identify high drop-off rates and metrics such as shopping cart abandonment


Evolv AI works with business leaders to define the optimization strategy.

Build the Roadmap


Evolv AI generates a constant source of new ideas to be explored. We include possibilities that would never be explored with traditional methods, due to limitations of time and traffic.

Identify Improvements


We use “active learning” which reacts to actual customer behavior and feedback in real-time, to hone in on the best performer.

Start Growing


Results happen quickly as the machine learning engine continues to learn and improve with each visitor. By serving progressively better experiences to customers, we also deliver gains measured in increased sales or revenue.

Understand What Works

Sustaining Growth

We can explore new ideas, while continuing to improve in each of the areas we previously identified. It’s possible to change an optimization in progress without disrupting it, continuing to make money along the way. This is unique to Evolv AI.

Continuously Add Ideas

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Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

That is what many companies are doing today with their testing programs.

The Testing
Industrial Complex

With digital channels expected to be the growth engines for business, digital leaders are continuing with their preferred proven approach.

We call it the testing industrial complex, comprising traditional testing tools, conversion “experts”, and experimentation teams.

But that Approach
Does Not Work

  • It does not get more customers to hit the buy button.
  • It does not make it easier to forecast reliably.
  • It does not change the equation for return on ad spend.

The testing industrial complex has burned through billions of dollars but conversion rates are not budging.

You are never going to hit growing revenue targets by doing more of the same.

Evolv AI offers a new approach for digital leaders responsible for growth through digital properties.

We deliver sustainable sales growth by improving the performance of the digital experience that gets customers to hit the buy button.

More On Why Evolv AI

AI and Evolutionary Algorithms

Evolv AI leverages evolutionary algorithms (a branch of AI that uses the principles of natural selection) to determine which combination of different improvements being tested makes up the winning design. An Evolv AI project represents the long-term optimization effort of a given user journey.

Evolv AI thinks about optimization as a continuous process. This ensures that knowledge gained in past experiments continues to benefit our customers and their users.

Evolv AI uses an ensemble of machine learning algorithms and statistical models to gain an in-depth understanding of user behavior and variant performance. Through this Evolv AI can not only control for the noise created when multiple tests are being run simultaneously, but can also identify where variants in separate tests are combining to produce additional positive or negative results.

This method allows us to validate more with orders of magnitude, less traffic, and more robust results.

End-to-end solution:

Evolv AI’s Expert Services team handles all details of the optimization program, including the staging and management of projects. We start by lending our UX and growth strategy experience to drive the creation, prioritization and implementation of ideas and variations. Our AI-driven platform then leverages many automation capabilities to reduce the management burden and deliver results.

Evolutionary algorithms – Less time and less traffic:

Because Evolv AI’s platform uses a different branch of statistics, you can do more than with conventional A/B testing or multivariate testing tools. We are able to experiment across far more ideas and variations. Our machine learning algorithms are efficient and require less traffic and time than conventional methods to find the best experience that delivers on your goals. 

Speed to results:

The more ideas you have to test, the faster Evolv AI’s platform is compared to existing testing tools. The optimizations deliver results in weeks, not years. The AI-powered A/B testing technology often uncovers winners which humans would not have considered during the ideation phase.

Optimize multi-page funnels:

Evolv AI’s platform provides the ability to simultaneously test across multiple pages in a sequential customer journey. That means that the user experience throughout that flow is optimized along with individual changes on each page. The process uncovers the sequence and logic that leads to the best possible performance.

No more cookies or JavaScript:

With tightening regulations and increasingly companies banning the use of cookies, we offer a new approach that we call Experience Accelerator. It addresses these challenges and makes security and privacy audits a breeze by using an innovative system for generating dynamic, testable experiences at the edge of any digital channel.

It renders and presents assets in the most efficient way, instantly available to visitors anywhere in the world. Instead of the traditional approach of downloading a large third-party-hosted JavaScript file to be run on the client, we relocate that logic to the server, where faster performance and tighter integrations with content management systems make for better performance and more stable and secure experimentation.


Evolv AI’s platform provides comprehensive reporting built for executives. It’s easy to see how different design candidates perform against the established KPIs and how that performance improves over time as the experimentation program evolves. Our detailed and intuitive graphs allow you to look at each candidate’s performance, as well as the individual changes that make them up, providing insight into exactly which ideas are driving the most impact and why.


Evolv AI’s platform has an API-first architecture to ensure we can easily integrate to the existing architecture of systems and applications. This includes a number of analytics suites such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. We also integrate with popular e-commerce and website platforms as well as various user behavior and tracking platforms including Adobe Experience Manager and Invoca. We are diligent about ensuring data consistency in and out of our platform—You can rely on the data even when using third party dashboards and analytics tools to visualize results.

Schedule a 45-minute deep dive with one of our optimization experts and start developing your growth roadmap.

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Featured Clients

Grow the KPIs that Matter to Your Business

We work with clients across a diverse number of industries and use cases.
We focus on their business goals and KPIs.
Most projects end up optimizing to improve a combination of primary and secondary metrics including:

Typical Primary Metrics

  • Purchases
  • Macro Conversions
  • Leads Generated
  • Conversion Rate
  • E-Commerce Completions

Typical Secondary Metrics

  • RPV: Revenue Per Visit/Visitor
  • CLV: Customer Lifetime Value
  • AOV: Average Order Value
  • CAC: Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Micro Conversions
  • Add To Cart Rate
  • UPO: Units Per Order
  • Search Bar Open Rate
  • Attachment Rate / Product Affinity
  • Time to Conversion
  • Authentication Rate
  • Status Change Rate
  • Bounce Rate at Each Step
  • Click Events
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment

The goal with every project is to prioritize the goals and execute an optimization strategy that delivers on specific business objectives.

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Schedule a 45-minute deep dive with one of our optimization experts and start developing your growth roadmap.

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