Why Evolv AI

Why Is Customer Experience Important?

Evolv AI was founded to address the challenges faced by companies looking to deliver better experiences that connect with their customers. Companies who get the customer experience (CX) right benefit from the ability to drive more revenue, reduce churn, and get new customers.

We can all agree that the secret to growth is happy customers who are engaged and loyal – CX is at the center of making this a reality.

But getting the CX right is daunting and fraught with challenges.

Evolv AI continuously finds better ways to connect with customers.

Our clients benefit from our unique AI and ML technology, our team of experts, and our proven experience coming together to solve the infinite complexity of digital experiences. The result is truly amazing CX that drives positive outcomes on digital channels.

Two major CX challenges Evolv AI overcomes:

  1. Ensure consistency and efficiency across all digital channels
  2. Adapt to changing market conditions and customer preferences

Ensure consistency and efficiency across all digital channels

Companies across most industries have to contend with multiple digital channels which are often disparate and disjointed.

Today’s Disparate & Disjointed Channels
  • Digital Ad
  • Email
  • Website
  • Landing Page
  • Kiosk
  • Mobile
  • Chatbot
  • Call Center

In most companies these channels operate in silos which leads to a poor CX as customers navigate across channels and experience inconsistencies, friction, and frustration.



Evolv AI breaks up multi-channel silos

Unify CX decisions

With Evolv AI, clients benefit from a solution that unifies the decisions across channels when optimizing the various elements of CX – including workflow, copy, layout, look and feel, and media. As a result, Evolv AI can optimize the entire journey from start to finish regardless of how a customer interacts with each channel and across them.

Integrate existing systems

An important element to making this a reality is the Evolv AI Platform’s ability to integrate with many of the systems already in a client’s ecosystem. But this goes significantly beyond collecting basic analytics and customer demographics.

Leverage a new data set

Evolv AI has the data to understand which ideas work best for all visitors, which ideas work best for visitors at different points in their journey, where each visitor is in their journey, and how each visitor or segment responds to different ideas experience.

Generalizing insights from this powerful and new data set is a game changer.

  • It is all about actual visitor and customer behavioral tracking in aggregate
  • It is based on observed intent and outcomes using active learning
  • It opens the door to making better decisions for the next visitor

Adapt to changing market conditions and customer preferences

CX is formed from hundreds of design choices in millions of combinations based on endless possibilities and a backdrop of constant change.

Endless Possibilities

  Visual Design

  User Flow





Constant Change

  Strategies & Goals

  New Products & Promotions

  User Behavior & Expectations

  Competitor Innovation

  Government Mandates & Regulations


The sheer number of combinations gets into the millions and makes it overwhelming for teams to identify the best ones that will drive success. This is why conventional testing fails to drive experimentation programs that continuously improve CX.



Evolv AI delivers continuous optimization and personalization

With Evolv AI, clients benefit from a solution that continuously adapts based on real customers and their live digital interactions. Evolv AI is able to navigate through ever changing possibilities and finds the experience that connects.

Continuous Optimization

Evolv AI uses an active learning approach to predict which experiences to serve using time and traffic efficiently. The platform uses actual customer behavior to train the machine learning model.

The difference is Evolv AI’s ability to validate multiple ideas concurrently using the same traffic by combining, validating, and extracting performance. The platform keeps learning with every visitor and actively removes lowest performers, refines winners and combines high performing ideas in search of even better results. Traffic allocation is done in real-time to get maximum return on the best performing ideas.

Continuous Personalization

Evolv AI has the ability to show a particular audience segment a specific variable. This is done as part of a larger project to automate what would otherwise be a very complex process. Evolv AI’s machine learning algorithms find positive uplift from the interactions between multiple tests to discover what performs best with the target audience segment. Using this approach, Evolv AI is able to deliver personalization through continuous experimentation.

The possibilities are endless to deliver an increasingly contextual and relevant experience for smaller and smaller audience segments. This includes post-click optimization, behavioral targeting, and account-level awareness.

Our Platform

Evolv AI’s Complete Solution

Driven by Machine Learning

The secret is personalization through continuous experimentation using AI and machine learning. The core of our solution is our proprietary machine learning algorithms which serve progressively better experiences to find the best customer journey.

With Evolv AI, clients benefit from the ability to evaluate millions of experiences to discover winners at an unprecedented scale and speed. This is a challenge uniquely suited for AI which continuously learns from past customers to identify and serve what will work for the next visitor.

Managed by an Expert Team

We offer a turnkey solution to get clients started quickly and able to adapt to changing market conditions. We follow a process proven to deliver growth and drive gains for our clients.

Get started fast.

Our approach starts with our team performing the following:

  • Implementing our platform
  • Launching your experimentation and personalization program
  • Developing a success plan based on your goals

We are committed to ensuring success on your journey from A/B testing tools to AI-driven experience optimization.

We offer a flexible delivery model to meet your needs.

Our Expert Services team will do as much or as little as needed to run your program, augment your team, and/or enable your existing resources:


For clients who want a partner to manage the entire program.


For clients who want to share some of the responsibilities.


For clients with a lot of expertise who want to own some of the work.

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Industries We Serve

We get your customers to hit the buy button more often. 

We have clients in many industries with a range of use cases spanning a number of KPIs encompassing primary and secondary metrics they seek to optimize. 

Our core focus is working with clients in industries where it is common to have more than a million unique visitors a month on their websites and apps. These visitors typically are looking to conduct some sort of transaction. There are three major industries we serve today.

Our Partners

Evolv AI’s growing partner community is a network of skilled CX and optimization professionals who can help your business reach new heights. They know what works, how to execute, and how to best leverage Evolv AI’s machine learning-driven optimization solution to increase your leads, sales, conversions, or whatever KPIs are most important to you.

Evolv AI-certified partners can help you execute a comprehensive optimization strategy and integrate Evolv AI within your ecosystem of other platforms and applications.

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