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Optimizing for Digital Growth: Like Finding A Needle In A Haystack

Industry analysts and experts have concluded that by optimizing the digital customer experience (CX), companies can quadruple their growth. There is a lot of room to improve with typical web conversion rates hovering around 3% compared to Amazon at 13% and a staggering 74% for Amazon prime members.

The primary challenge: customer experiences are formed from hundreds of design choices in millions of combinations. 

It’s not just about what you are offering or how it’s presented on a web page or mobile app. Competitors launch promotions, innovators disrupt the market, and seasonal holidays change customer expectations. Navigating nearly endless possibilities amid a backdrop of constant change to find the best experiences that drive growth is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Endless Possibilities


  Visual Design

  User Flow





Constant Change


  Strategies & Goals

  New Products & Promotions

  User Behavior & Expectations

  Competitor Innovation



Evolv Finds the Needle

The Evolv Digital Growth Optimization solution finds the needle in the haystack — the experience that gets your customers to hit the buy button faster and more often. 

This is why digital leaders rely on Evolv to define their optimization strategy, generate a constant source of new ideas to be explored, and leverage Evolv’s proprietary AI to serve progressively better customer experiences and find the best customer journey.

The Evolv Digital Growth Optimization solution keeps pace with constant changes and can identify optimal experiences from nearly endless possibilities. Evolv is AI-driven and works across all digital touchpoints in the customer journey to bring revenue growth within reach. With Evolv, companies are able to find the needle in the haystack: a new needle, in a new haystack, every day.

Evolv is your solution to optimizing your website and apps for digital growth.

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Beyond The Testing Industrial Complex

When we talk to digital leaders, they tell us that the targets are daunting. They are under tremendous pressure to deliver huge numbers, and they are spending tons of money on Facebook and Google to drive traffic, but that traffic is just not converting.

Digital leaders know it is all about getting the customer experience right, which is why they rely on conversion experts, experimentation teams and traditional testing tools — what we call the testing industrial complex — to solve the conversion problem.

But while that approach might get a site more visitors, it does not get more customers to hit the buy button. It hasn’t made it easier to forecast reliably. And it hasn’t changed the equation for return on ad spend. Unfortunately, this approach consumes too much time and traffic and is ill-equipped to drive growth in digital experiences. By the time answers are generated, they’re often no longer relevant.

More About the Testing Industrial Complex

What We Do

Evolv is an AI-driven solution for Digital Growth Optimization that serves the best experience to each audience, every time.

We follow a process proven to deliver growth and drive gains quickly for our clients.

We first define the optimization strategy before generating a constant source of new ideas to be explored.

The core of our solution is our proprietary AI which serves progressively better customer experiences to find the best customer journey.

Industries We Serve

We get your customers to hit the buy button more often. 

We have clients in many industries with a range of use cases spanning a number of KPIs encompassing primary and secondary metrics they seek to optimize. 

Our core focus is working with clients in industries where it is common to have more than a million unique visitors a month on their websites and apps. These visitors typically are looking to conduct some sort of transaction. There are three major industries we serve today.

Our Partners

Evolv’s growing partner community is a network of skilled CX and optimization professionals who can help your business reach new heights. They know what works, how to execute, and how to best leverage Evolv’s AI-driven optimization solution to increase your leads, sales, conversions, or whatever KPIs are most important to you.

Evolv-certified partners can help you execute a comprehensive optimization strategy and integrate Evolv within your ecosystem of other platforms and applications.

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2020 Global Customer Experience
Optimization Leadership Award

“Evolv offers a creative and innovative solution to the challenge that so many enterprises fail to tackle effectively.”

Alexander Michael
Senior Director of Consulting, Frost & Sullivan

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