A new way to optimize the customer experience (CX)

Because digital leaders and content creators deserve the ability to delight customers with digital customer journeys which are faster, smarter, and personalized.

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Why Evolv AI

Experience Optimization

We give digital leaders and their content creators the confidence to delight their customers at every touchpoint on any digital channel.

Our Experience Optimization Solution uses a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) platform and methodology to automatically discover, personalize, and serve progressively better journeys by continuously adapting to live user behavior.

The resulting insights are acted on in real time to deliver optimized and personalized customer experiences that accelerate desired outcomes on web, mobile, kiosks and any devices with a digital screen.

Changing the way companies optimize their CX.

  • Our solution delivers an unprecedented ability to understand customers, automate complexity, and act on insights immediately.
  • Our SaaS Platform easily integrates into existing environments.
  • Our proven methodology ensures rapid outcomes on any digital channel.

Bringing optimization to content creator workflows.

  • Create with more confidence.
  • Take content to the next level.
  • Deliver content that drives desired outcomes.
  • Sense and respond to behavioral signals in real time.
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The Problem with CX

Digital customer experiences are poor and all too often get in the way of consumers completing their goals.

Companies are investing billions into customer acquisition and tools to deliver a better experience but they are finding it hard to realize the full potential of what consumers want.

Short of hiring a huge team of experts and investing millions into tools, companies struggle to achieve their desired outcomes and maximize the return on their digital channels.

Closing the CX gap is complicated.

Many companies are being left behind and not able to do what the top 5% can do when it comes to delivering excellent CX.

They aim to achieve the same results but getting there presents numerous challenges:

  • Their content creators want to react to new consumer preferences, market trends, and diversified customer segments.
  • Their digital leaders need to find ways to deliver on growing revenue and ROI targets.
  • Teams are also asked to address the need for better accountability and transparency.
  • Many need to find ways to reduce the dependency on paid advertising which is seeing increasing acquisition costs with declining quality.
  • Adding to the complexity includes overcoming the challenges of finding and retaining talent.

Personalization is hard to get right.

Personalization has quickly become the new battlefield in CX.

Marketers face greater challenges with their digital marketing strategies, including efforts to effectively personalize user journeys by making them contextual, relevant, and immediate.

  • A few years ago Gartner estimated that by 2025, 80% of marketers who have invested in personalization will abandon their efforts due to lack of ROI, the perils of customer data management or both.
  • Forrester predicts that 75% of personalized engagement strategies won’t meet ROI goals.
  • More recently, Gartner found in a survey of 350 executives that about two-thirds (63%) of digital marketing leaders said they continue to struggle with personalization.

63% of digital marketing leaders said they continue to struggle with personalization (Gartner)

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AI You Can Put to Work.

We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and expertise to automate experimentation and personalization programs on all digital channels and every touchpoint.

The result is the ability for our clients to optimize their customer experiences (CX) in real time to accelerate their desired outcomes—without a huge team and investments in tools.

Our platform is unique in its ability to automate the process of discovering, personalizing, and serving progressively better customer journeys. This capability continuously adapts to live user behavior regardless of the digital channel being used.

The AI finds better experiences and then applies them in real time to live visitors and customers to immediately capitalize on the insights generated and improve outcomes without any delays.

The product of leading technology research.

Our platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to solve the complex challenges of delivering progressively better customer experiences.

  • Over 10 years of research and development
  • 39 patent filings with 14 issued
  • Unique intellectual property and machine learning algorithms plus methods
  • Proprietary scientific approach to heuristics research
  • 1,000s of past experiments and industry-based use cases

Built for speed and scale.

Our clients can analyze their live visitor behavior at an unprecedented scale and speed.

The resulting insights are automatically acted on in real time to serve optimized and personalized customer experiences that accelerate desired outcomes on any digital channel.

Our solution uses a platform with easy integration into existing environments and a proven methodology that ensures rapid outcomes on any digital channel.

  • Platform – Automatically discover, personalize, and serve progressively better journeys by continuously adapting to live user behavior.
  • Integration – Deploy across all digital channels using pre-built integrations and API-first approach.
  • Methodology – Get expert support at every step, using the latest research in AI, cognitive science, and experimentation.

Outcomes You Can Count On.

Our solution has been purpose-built to create a closed loop system for insights to action.

Our clients can drive desired outcomes including financial gains such as revenue, average order value (AOV), and customer lifetime value (LTV); funnel metrics including conversions and shopping cart abandonment; behavior metrics such as bounce rate, time on site, and pages per visit.

Turn ideas into desired outcomes.

  • Take the hundreds of ideas you want to experiment with and rapidly find the right combination that achieves your goals.
  • The platform understands customers, automates complexity, and acts on insights immediately.
  • This means you can delight your customers at every touchpoint with real-time personalized user experiences that deliver on their intentions and goals.

Key benefits for every client.

  • Find Problems: discover and mitigate friction points.
  • Reduce Risk: eliminate time-consuming processes and bad ideas.
  • Create Faster: increase the probability of every visitor achieving their goal.
  • Get Smarter: maximize performance and deliver valuable insights at every step.
  • Do It Live: ensure each visitor sees the best experience in real time.
  • Share Insights: improve visibility and clarity across all teams.
  • Close the Loop: inform data-driven ideas and user journeys.
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