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Why Evolv AI? Because:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

The Testing Industrial Complex

A major challenge is that this approach consumes too much time and traffic and is ill-equipped to drive growth in digital experiences. In many instances, this approach results in failures which is why some in this industry have coined “failing is the new winning”. That is simply not a good use of resources and a case of using the wrong approach for the job.

Even if this approach is able to provide answers, by the time answers are generated, they are often no longer relevant. This is why the testing industrial complex has burned through billions of dollars but conversion rates are not budging. Digital leaders are never going to hit growing revenue targets by doing more of the same.

Good For Certain Tasks — Not Driving Growth

The Testing Industrial Complex does have its purpose. It can be very valuable in certain use cases such as testing the performance of a focused set of ideas on a landing page. It can also enable teams to experiment on key design changes and measure their impact.

When the goal is to try an idea and see how it performs, the testing industrial complex does a fine job. After a period of time, it will let users know which variation performed better. That is it. It will never tell the users why a specific test succeeded or failed and it will not explore other ideas or combinations of the original ideas. It will never help navigate nearly endless possibilities amid a backdrop of constant change. This is why it is not suited to find the needle in the haystack and drive growth.

A New Approach

Evolv AI offers a new approach which delivers sustainable sales growth by improving the performance of the digital experience that gets customers to hit the buy button.

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